Combio Poster Prizes

ASPS will make up to 5 awards for research presented as a poster by students at ComBio2018, depending on the number of posters. Each award will consist of recognition at the end of the conference and a prize of $200.

Student posters will automatically be entered into the competition, and assessed by judges for the clear and conconsise presentation of outstanding scientific content.

Winners will be announced at the conference and presented with a certificate at the conclusion of the final poster presentation.

past Student Poster prize winners


  • Chana Borjigin (U. Adelaide) POS-WED-063
  • Muhammad Kamran (U. Adelaide) POS-THU-022
  • Chenchen Zhao (Western Sydney Uni) POS-WED-065
  • Yoav Yichie from U. Sydney won the APPF (Plant Phenomics) poster prize POS-THU-064


  • Suong Nguyen (U of Newcastle) POS-FRI-12
  • Michael Dodt (QUT) POS-FRI-120
  • Megan Outram (UQ) POS-THU-68
  • Georgie Oguis (UQ) POS-WED-13
  • Aruni Buddhika (Charles Sturt U) POS-WED-109


  • Duncan Fitzpatrick (ANU)  POS MON-15
  • Dilnee Suraweera (U Melbourne) POS Mon-52
  • Ting Tang  (CSIRO) POS WED-66

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