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These PDFs are meant for use in teaching. Students and researchers are encouraged to use the chapter title web links as material may be updated from time to time.

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Second Edition

Second Edition Contents page

Second Edition Chapter 1 Light use and leaf gas exchange      printable PDF

Second Edition Chapter 2   Carbon dioxide assimilation and respiration  printable  PDF

Second Edition Chapter 3 Water movement in plants   printable  PDF

Second Edition printable  PDF Feature Essay 3.1 

Second Edition Chapter 4 Nutrient uptake from soils printable  PDF

Second Edition Chapter 5 Phloem transport  printable    PDF

Second Edition Chapter 6 Growth analysis: a quantitative approach  printable    PDF

Second Edition Chapter 7 – Plant and cell growth printable   PDF

first edition Chapter 8 – Physical cues for growth and reproduction printable  PDF

first edition Chapter 9 – Plant hormones : chemical signalling in plant development printable  PDF

first edition Chapter 10 – Differentiation and gene expression  printable    PDF

Second Edition Chapter 11 Fruit growth, ripening and post-harvest physiology   printable    PDF

Second Edition Chapter 12 Sunlight and plant production printable  PDF

first edition Chapter 13 – Carbon dioxide: a universal substrate  printable    PDF

Second Edition Chapter 14 Temperature: a driving force for plant growth and acclimation    printable  PDF

first edition   Chapter 15 – Water: a limiting factor    printable  PDF

first edition  Chapter 16 – Nutrients: a sparse resource printable  PDF

first edition  Chapter 17 – Salt: an environmental stress  printable  PDF

Second Edition Chapter 18 Waterlogging and submergence    printable   PDF

first edition Chapter 19 – Fire: an ecosystem sculpture  printable  PDF

first edition Chapter 20 – Herbicide resistance: a case of rapid evolution  printable  PDF