ASPS Diversity and Inclusion

ASPS has a serious commitment to diversity and inclusion both within the society and as an advocate across our members workplaces.


Our objectives are to:

  • make equity, diversity and inclusion a central part of how our organization works, and of our programs and events;
  • support and empower our members to be able to do their best and bring their whole selves to their engagement in our field;
  • support and empower a diversity of plant science researchers, professionals, stakeholders and affiliates to participate fully in our events and programs;
  • ensure that all members have equal access to opportunities available through The Australian Society of Plant Scientists initiatives and are equitably rewarded and recognised for their contributions;
  • lead by example, so that our members and other organisations within our sector can see the tangible benefits of diversity and inclusion.


Read our detailed Inclusion and Equity policy here Australian Society of Plant Scientists Diversity and Inclusion Policy_Website 18_11_21


Prizes and awards

When assessing applicants for various ASPS awards, consideration will be given for research output relative to opportunity. This means applicants that have experienced career interruptions due to caring responsibilities or illness will only be assessed relative to opportunity.

Jan Anderson Award. A specific award to showcase early to mid-career women plant scientists.

Support for carers to attend ASPS meetings, Carers scheme here.


Organisers of meetings and events are requested to enact the following checklist

  • Organisers of meetings and events are requested to enact the following checklist
    • aim for gender parity in selection organisers/chairs/speakers (consider the guidelines set out in the Panel Pledge
    • consider career stage, cultural and linguistic diversity when selecting these positions
    • include an Acknowledgement of Country in our activities
    • encourage inclusive and respectful behaviour
    • if possible, include a “noisy room” with talks streamed to this room to enable people to bring kids if needed
    • ensure there are facilities for breastfeeding and the location is included in meeting information


Allied organisations