Discipline Representatives

Genetics & Molecular Biology Representative

Dr Brett Williams

Queensland University of Technology



Research Interests: Plant Responses to abiotic and biotic stress
Elected: November 2019

Cell Biology Representative

Dr Megan Shelden

University of Adelaide
ASPS Cell Biology website

Research interests:
Elected: October 2018

Plant-Microbe Interactions Representative

Dr Eloise Foo

University of Tasmania

ASPS Plant-Microbe Interactions website
Research interests: Plant/Microbe Interactions

Elected: October 2018

Plant Development Representative

Dr Mark Waters

School of Life Sciences, University of Western Australia

Research interests: plant development and hormones; molecular genetics
Elected: Oct 2020


Plant Science Education Representative

Dr Beth Loveys

The University of Adelaide

ASPS Teaching website
Research interests: Science education
Elected: October 2018

Whole Plant  Representative

Dr Kristine Y. Crous – NSW State representative for ASPS

Western Sydney University


Research interests:

Photosynthesis, Respiration and their responses to our dynamic environment including elevated CO2, and warming (global change effects) and the effects of nutrients modulating these responses (nitrogen and phosphorus).

Elected: December 2020

Environmental and Ecophysiology: Global Change Representative

Dr Georgia Koerber

The University of Adelaide

Research interests: Plant Water Use, Photosynthesis
Elected: October 2020

 Student Representatives

Mr Yingxuan Ma

The University of Melbourne yingxuanm@student.unimelb.edu.au
Research interests:
 October 2018