Roles of the ASPS discipline representatives

The roles of ASPS discipline representative include;

  • raise the profile of their discipline.
  • update their ASPS discipline website.
  • contribute to the ASPS blog Phytogen annually for their disciple and possibly their state.
  • attend the ASPS council meeting held the Sunday before the annual ComBio conference.
  • may have a role in judging ASPS awards.


An additional role for the Education representative is to co-chair a session at our annual ComBio or ASPS conference.

Discipline representatives must take office within 2 months of election and retain the office for 12 months when they may be re-elected to the same position for a second consecutive term but not a third. Student representatives are sort who are located in the city hosting the annual conference in the following years eg Brisbane 2016, Adelaide 2017.