ASPS Teaching and Outreach Award Winners

ASPS recognizes excellence, innovation and/or contributions of their members to teaching plant science at University level by granting an annual “Teaching Award”. The teaching shall be in any branch of plant science, within an Australian institution and the awardee is invited by the Society to give a short presentation on her/his teaching methods, innovations or contributions at the annual ComBio conference. Follow the links below to see details of some of the Award winning projects.

ASPS Teaching Award

2009 Amanda Able, University of Adelaide: Learning in Action
2010 Tim Cavagnaro, Patrick Baker, Martin Burd, Monash University: Innovation and Integration in Botanical Teaching
2011 Gonzalo Martín Estavillo, Australian National University: Plant Detectives
2012 Alex Johnson, University of Melbourne: Engaging students through discussion of GM plants
2013 Danny Liu, University of Sydney: Seeing plants in a new light – engaging large first-year classes in experimental plant science
2018 Beth Lovey, University of Adelaide:
2019 Sigfredo Fuentes, The University of Melbourne
2020 Hank Greenway, David Turner, Jane Gibbs and Brian Atwell, University of Western Australia: Thought experiment presentation

ASPS Teaching and Outreach Award

2021 Kim Johnson and Monika Doblin, La Trobe University