The Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) is normally held at the Society’s annual scientific conference, ComBio in September. In 2021 the AGM will be held virtually on October 26th, 12 noon AEST.

The primary activities of the AGM are:

(i) to confirm the minutes of the last preceding Annual General Meeting;

(ii) to receive from the Committee reports upon activities during the last financial year, and audited statements of receipts and payments from the Treasurer;

(iii) to elect office bearers of the Society and other Committee members;

(iv) to accept recommendations from members of the Society as to the venue for the next General Meeting;

(v) to set the annual subscription rate for the following year.

2023 Documents

2023_ASPS-AGM-Agenda and minutes

2022_ASPS-AGM-Agenda and minutes

2023 President’s Report

2023 Treasurer’s report

2023 WCSC report

2023 GPC report

2023 SMP report

2023 ASPS Equity and Diversity report

2022 Documents

2022_ASPS AGM Agenda

2021 AGM minutes

2022 President report

2022 Treasurer’s report

2022 WCSC report

2022 STA report

2022 GPC report

2022 PiA report

2022 Inclusion and Diversity report

2022_Suggested changes to the Constitution ASPS

2021 Documents

2021 AGM agenda

2021 AGM minutes

2021 President’s Report

2021 Treasurer’s report

2021 WCSC report

2021 STA report

2021 GPC report

2021 Science Week report

2021 ASPS Diversity, Inclusion and Acknowledgement Policy

2020 Documents

2020 AGM agenda

2020 AGM minutes

 2020 ASPS Diversity and Inclusion Policy draft

2020 President’s report

2020 Treasurer’s Report

2020 WSCS report

2020 PiA report

2020 STA report

2020 GPC report

2019 ASPS submission to inquiry into growing Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030

2019 Documents

2019 ASPS AGM agenda

2019 ASPS AGM Minutes

2019 President’s report

2019 Treasurers report

2019 WSCS report

2019 PiA report

2019 ASPS submission to inquiry into growing Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030

2018 Documents

2018 AGM agenda

2018 President Report

2018 Treasurer’s Report

2018 AGM minutes

2017 Documents

2017 AGM Agenda


2017 President Report

2017 Treasurer report

2017 WSCS Report

2017 Membership ecology

2017 FPB report

2016 Documents

Advice to members & agenda AGM

AGM 2016 President’s report

AGM 2016 Minutes

2015 Documents

AGM 2015 Presidents report

AGM 2015 Treasurer’s report

AGM 2015 Phytogen Editor’s report

AGM 2015_FPB Journal Report

AGM 2015 Minutes ASPS

AGM 2015 WCSC Report

2014 Documents

AGM 2014 President’s Report

AGM 2014 Treasurer’s report

Phytogen Editor Report 2014


2013 Documents

ASPS AGM 2 Oct 2013 Minutes

AGM2013 Treasurer’s Report

AGM2013 President’s Report

2012 Documents

AGM2012 Agenda

AGM2012 President’s Report

AGM2012 Financial Report

AGM2012 Treasurer’s Report

AGM2012 Phytogen Editor’s Report

AGM2012 Minutes

2011 Documents

AGM2011 Minutes

AGM2011 President’s Report

AGM2011 Treasurer’s Report