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As is

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No guarantee

The information on this site is regularly updated by ASPS, but ASPS does not guarantee the accuracy of the information.


Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy.


This statement sets out what we do when data about you comes to us.

Your “footprints”

When you visit our www.asps.org.au web site, our web site hosting provider automatically records certain data about you. Most other web sites do too. The data is recorded in a log of accesses (the “footprints”) to our server.

Your trail

This log includes the web address you request, the machine from which you make the request, the web browser and version you use, your screen operating system, the time you make the request, a measure of the time each page is open on your computer screen and a record of each page visited. Where parts of our web site require password access, data as to the login name, password entered and number of login attempts will be recorded.

No “Tracking”

In some instances it is possible from the gathered data to guess who you are (we can guess by analysing the data, or to continue the analogy, by tracking your footprints and trail).
We are interested only in the total number of footprints and where they occur on our site and we will not track you.

Limited Use of Data

We use this data for statistical purposes only. We analyse the data and use the information we glean from this analysis only to help us improve our web site and to monitor or prevent security breaches. We will not pass the data on to any third parties. We will only disclose the content of our access logs if we are compelled to do so by a legal warrant.


If you provide us with your e-mail address through our site, that address will only be used for the purposes we disclose to you when you give us your e-mail address. We will not add your e-mail address to a mailing list without your agreement. We will not pass on your e-mail address to third parties. An e-mail that we receive through our web site may be archived or backed up on our server for our own records only. In addition to the content of e-mail messages, we record (as is the standard practice) the date and time of message transmission, when the message was received and opened, and the e-mail addresses of the sender, recipients and mail programs.



ASPS takes all reasonable steps to secure any personal information from unauthorised access. We accept no responsibility if such access occurs.

Limitation of scope

This privacy statement does not extend to external sites our site links to. The organisations that operate those sites are responsible for privacy issues arising out of their sites.


If you have noticed our site contains any potential breach of common privacy principles, or if you have any questions, please contact us at secretary@asps.org.au.