International Society of Photosynthesis Research European conference

Date(s) - 25/06/2024 - 28/06/2024
All Day



After the success of the first edition, the European Congress for Photosynthesis Research will come back in 2024. From June the 25th to the 28th 2024, experts in the field of natural and artificial photosynthesis will gather in Padova (Italy), the cradle of the scientific method developed by Galileo, for an exciting second edition of this scientific event.

Most of the industrial processes that sustain our economy have a remarkable impact on the environment. Our society must face the unavoidable challenge to increase sustainability of mankind activities to preserve our current way of life on the long term.

Over a history of three-billions-years, photosynthesis mastered the ability to harness the power of solar light for the generation of chemical energy, whilst also capturing atmospheric carbon. It represents a natural alternative to the current industrial processes that make our economy depending on fossil fuels and responsible for carbon emissions that lead to climate change.

More than ever, research in the field of photosynthesis is timely to ultimately develop light-driven industrial processes for the mitigation of the environmental damages already generated and the improvement of a sustainable economy for a greener future.

This objective calls for the deployment of a multipronged endeavour, where biophysical and biochemical approaches are conducted in parallel to molecular and metabolic investigations, in a multidisciplinary effort that the Second European Congress for Photosynthesis Research aims to celebrate.