Joint OzFlux and AsiaFlux Conference, Darwin, NT, Australia 20-26 August 2018

Date(s) - 20/08/2018 - 26/08/2018
8:30 am - 7:00 pm


It is our pleasure to announce the inaugural OzFlux – AsiaFlux Joint Conference in Darwin, NT, Australia from the 20 to 26 August, 2018.

The conference will address issues of ‘Ecosystems, climate & land-use change across Asia & Australasia’ and is open an invitation to all members of the research community.

Conference website

The conference web site is at

The site has background information on registration fees, important dates, Abstract submission, accommodation, travel and tours across the Top End of the NT.

Registration and attendance

To pre-register, please complete the Participation Survey before Friday 29th June and get a 10% discount on registration!

Conference themes

The conference will focus on ecosystems, climate and land use change via the following themes:

1) Ecosystems dynamics
● Regional budgets or trends in carbon, energy, water and biogeochemical cycles
● Linking flux observations with remote and proximal sensing and land surface models
● Ecohydrology: process mechanisms, novel techniques, responses, and feedbacks
● Understanding ecosystem dynamics using phenology and flux observations
● Spatial and temporal dynamics of land–atmosphere exchange in the region

2) Environmental change and variability
● Ecosystem responses to interannual climate extremes (including floods and droughts)
● Ecosystems and long-term climate change
● Impacts of disturbance on ecosystem processes
● Hotspots of environmental change – peatland, biomass burning

3) Land use change
● Food security – responses of agricultural ecosystems to change in the food, water and energy nexus
● Greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural and natural ecosystems
● Reactive trace gas flux and aerosol formation in forest ecosystems undergoing land use change
● Impacts of land use change (incl. plantation conversion) and urbanisation on energy, water and biogeochemical cycles

4) Emerging topics
● Asian issues in the food, water and energy nexus
● Eddy covariance methods – next generation instrumentation and software systems
● Calibrations in met/eddy covariance sensors over decadal periods
● Tackling challenges of the eddy covariance approach
● Spatial and temporal scaling of fluxes using remote sensing and modelling techniques
● Benchmarking and Cal/Val of satellite and modelled retrievals
● Knowledge transfer to policy makers

Conference events

1) Technical Workshop: Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd August, 2018 (Charles Darwin University)
2) Scientific Meeting: Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th (Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Esplanade, Darwin, NT)
3) Field trip: Sunday 26th (Litchfield National Park, NT)
4) Mixer function: Evening of Wednesday 22nd
5) Conference dinner: Thursday 23rd (Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Esplanade, Darwin, NT).

The field trip will be to the nearby TERN Australian SuperSite Network’s ( NT based flux tower site in Litchfield National Park (

Further details are available on the web site. We look forward to seeing you in Darwin!

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