Translational Photosynthesis Conference 2019: Innovations in Agriculture and Food Security

Date(s) - 30/06/2019 - 03/07/2019
5:00 pm

Brisbane convention centre


The Translational Photosynthesis Conference 2019: Innovations in Agriculture and Food Security  will be held at The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia, from Sunday 30 June – Wednesday 3 July, 2019.

This conference is about developing linkages and dialogue between research scientists, the agricultural industry and associated technologies ranging from gene technology to robotics.


The conference program will feature a mix of keynote speakers, presentations and poster displays, along with exhibits from industry and academic institutions.


Session titles and keynote speakers

  1. New dynamics, new responses (Jackie Hughes, IRRI)
  2. Advances in Water Use & Efficiencies (Tony Condon, CSIRO Australia)
  3. Capturing Carbon in Photosynthesis (Tracy Lawson, Essex UK)
  4. Photosynthetic Light Capture & Conversion (John Leslie, Vertical Farms)
  5. Responding to Climate Change Impacts on Agricultural Production (Mark Howden, ANU Australia)
  6. Increasing energy use efficiency (Mark Stitt, MPI Germany)
  7. Improving photoconversion (Matthew Paul, Rothamsted UK))
  8. Benefiting from big data and modelling (Jane Trindall, CRDC)
  9. Future gene editing and synthetic biology (Emma Wallington, NIAB UK, Raj Bhula, OGTR Australia)
  10. Robots to remote sensing (Salah Sukkarieh, U Sydney Australia)
  11. Genome selection to phenome (David Kramer, Michigan State University, USA)
  12. Synthesis (John Anderson, Crawford Fund Australia)