Janet Wheeler 2018 Science Meets Parliament report

Janet Wheeler, La Trobe University

In Feb 2018 I represented ASPS at Science meets Parliament. It was a whirlwind 2 days with plenty of networking, seminars, workshops, meetings and photo opportunities.

The first day was spent at the National Gallery where we heard from Dr Cathy Foley, CSIRO Chief Scientist who highlighted the responsibility we have to ensure our elected leaders have the opportunity to access our expertise. Science and technology effect the available solutions. Dr Foley also shared advice on how to hone your pitch and shape the discussions we would be having the following day with members of parliament.

The next morning we made our way through security at Parliament House and saw “Chuck the shrimp” embeded in the foyer floor. I met with Graham Perrett Federal Member for Moreton (Qld) and highlighted the significant contribution plants make to the Australian ecomomy and contibution plant science makes to current and future challenges.

Another highlight for me was seeing Question Time in person. It happened to be an exciting day as Barnaby Joyce was a day or so away from steping down as Deputy Prime Minister. So theatrical.