Education Sessions at ComBio 2014

Below is a description of the Education sessions at ComBio 2014 organized by ASPS and ASBMB. See detailed abstracts here.

EDUCATION I – TUESDAY 30 SEPTEMBER 2014 – 12:30 – 14:00 – SYMPOSIUM 21

Chairs: A/Prof Janet Macaulay, Monash University, VIC; Dr Alex Johnson, University of Melbourne, VIC

12:30 SYM-21-01 – The current state of science in higher education – Chubb, I. (Australia)

13:00 SYM-21-02 – Learning from productive failure – Kapur, M. (Singapore)

13:30 SYM-21-03 Beckman Coulter Education Award Lecture – Free energy radio: interviews with scientists develop a picture of scientists’ personal and career motivations – Rowland, S. (Australia)


Chairs: Dr Gonzalo M. Estavillo, CSIRO, ACT; A/Prof Susan Howitt, Australian National University, ACT

16:00 SYM-34-01 – Development of a ‘Learning and Teaching Academic Standards statement’ for agriculture – Acuna, T., Kelder, J., Able, A., McDonald, G., Guisard, Y., Bellotti, B., Wormell, P., Doyle, R. and Meinkie, H. (Australia)

16:20 SYM-34-02 – Mapping Assessment practices to provide insight into learning and teaching – Simpson, C.M., Speed, C.J. and Macaulay, J.O. (Australia)

16:40 SYM-34-03 – The development of undergraduate science students’ scientific argument skills in oral presentations – Bugarcic, A., Colthorpe, K., Zimardi, K., Su, H.W. and Jackson, K. (Australia)

17:00 SYM-34-04 – Developing students’ scientific writing skills through embedded writing activities in bioscience undergraduate laboratory and honours courses – Tonissen, K.F., Lee, S.E., Woods, K.J. and Osborne, S.A. (Australia)

17:15 SYM-34-05 – Beyond memorising facts: developing critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills in biology undergraduates – Cossetto, S.B. and Gniel, H. (Australia) Howitt, S.