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ASPS publishes a society newsletter, Phytogen, in order to reach our own members plus general readers with an interest in developments in Australian plant science. Phytogen is thus a vehicle for communicating new ideas, recent professional experiences, and forthcoming events. Routine items include: invitations to submit applications for Society awards that identify outstanding researchers, nominations for election of Corresponding members overseas, nominations for RN Robertson and JG Wood lectures, advance notice of plant science meetings and of course, reminders to renew subscriptions! Phytogen is published in electronic format as a blog, and is also summarised 2-3 times per year in a PDF and email newsletter format.  For content submissions contact Editor; Dr Georgia Koerber 


Past Phytogen Editors: Adjunct Professor Tina Offler, Professor Helen Irving,

1995 – 2001 Dr Paul Kriedmann


Phytogen February 2019 Plant Nutrition Trust Awards and New Phytologist events

In the spirit of travel, in this edition applications are invited for the Plant Nutrition Trust awards. You might have enjoyed reading reports from 2018 awardees in the January 2019 Phytogen. Applications are due by Friday 22nd March 2019. Click on the pdf and word links below for det
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January 2019 Phytogen – Plant Nutrition Trust Awardees reports from 2018, IPMB2021 Competition, Cairns, Australia, ComBio2018 photos & Jan Anderson

Welcome to 2019. In this issue, enjoy reading 2018 travel reports from The Plant Nutrition Trust awardees. We hope you will be inspired to travel in 2019. ASPS is also promoting an exciting competition, to design 2 logos for IPMB2021, Cairns, Australia. Entries close 11th March 2019,
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Phytogen – December 2018

Dear members, as promised, Beth Loveys has provided an article below on Biochemistry education we hope you will enjoy reading. ASBMB Education Feature PAGE 20 & 21, AUSTRALIAN BIOCHEMIST VOL 49 NO 3 DECEMBER 2018. Making the Most out of the Precious Face-to-Face in Biochemistry Pr
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Phytogen – November 2018

Awards It’s not too late, spread the word and tweet.  The ASPS Peter Goldacre award and the RN Robertson travelling fellowship applications are due on the 7th Dec 2018. Details about these awards and others can be found here: Tweets by asps_ozplants Twee
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Count down to 60 years of the ASPS – Plants in Action

View this Phytogen blog on the ASPS website here. Count down to 60 years of ASPS – Plants in Action Update on Plants in Action From Chapter 11: On left, genetically modified tomato with longer shelf life than the normal on right. Rana Munns Plants in Action continues to attract reader
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Count down to 60 years of ASPS – Why we need more women

Australian Society of Plant Scientists at 60. Why we need more women. John R Evans I have been fortunate in my career to have wonderful female colleagues and I spent a productive post doctoral fellowship in Jan Anderson’s lab at CSIRO Plant Industry in Canberra. Over the years Jan tol
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Count down to 60 years of ASPS – Plants in Action

Count down to 60 years of ASPS Update on Plants in Action Rana Munns Plants in Action continues to attract readers and teachers as an on-line resource. Originally published in 1999 (Editors Brian Atwell, Paul Kriedemann and Colin Turnbull) it was re-published in 2008 as a free on-line
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Count down to 60 years of ASPS – reflections

You can access the Phytogen blog here. Some reflections on the Australian Society of Plant Scientists (nee Physiologists) to mark the 60th anniversary. John R Evans   I am probably in a unique position from which to write this as I was born in the year that the society was founde
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Count down to 60 years of ASPS

Count down to 60 years of ASPS We are in the process of writing a history of the Society planned for publication in 2019. This blog is a taste of the Society’s beginnings, but we are aware of gaps in our narrative.  Should anyone have other relevant information that you would be willi
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