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ASPS publishes a society newsletter, Phytogen, in order to reach our own members plus general readers with an interest in developments in Australian plant science. Phytogen is thus a vehicle for communicating new ideas, recent professional experiences, and forthcoming events. Routine items include: invitations to submit applications for Society awards that identify outstanding researchers, nominations for election of Corresponding members overseas, nominations for RN Robertson and JG Wood lectures, advance notice of plant science meetings and of course, reminders to renew subscriptions! Phytogen is published in electronic format as a blog, and is also summarised 2-3 times per year in a PDF and email newsletter format.  For content submissions contact Dr Janet Wheeler


Past Phytogen Editors: Dr Paul Kriedmann (1995-2001), Professor Helen Irving (2001-2013),  , Dr Gonzalo Estavillo, Adjunct Professor Tina Offler, Dr Christopher Cazzonelli (2013-2019), Georgia Koerber (2019-2023).


January 2021 Phytogen

Welcome to Phytogen for 2021. On the 20th of January 2021, I talked with Dr Peter Ryan, the recently appointed President of ASPS. I thought you will enjoy reading a brief snapshot of his career and pathway to the Presidency. I’ve also asked him to provide some photos and references to
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December Phytogen and GPC bulletin

Hello ASPS members, The December edition of Phytogen is out now and can be accessed HERE. The December issue of the Global Plant Council e-bulletin can be accessed HERE. Best wishes, ASPS.
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December 2020 Phytogen

What to do over the summer holidays…… Over the summer holidays we hope you manage to get out into Nature, Rest, Recharge and Rejuvinate like this kangaroo. Below is a recipe for gingerbread Christmas cookie trees. Look at how the ingredients are mostly plants. You might en
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Phytogen, Global Plant Council e-bulletin and Aquaporin Workshop

Hello ASPS members, The latest issue of Phytogen is available HERE. The last issue of the Global Plant Council e-Bulletin can be accessed HERE. The Aquaporin Workshop is open to everyone, it’s free and online,
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October 2020 Phytogen – The Race That Stops Every Nation

“From the ASPS President: The Race That Stops Every Nation” Next generation How are you going with twitter/facebook? Interesting articles Roundup from September 2020 ASPS award presentations hosted by Plantae and 2020 ASPS AGM Events “From the ASPS President: The Race That Stops Every
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Plante award presentations, 2020 AGM and September Phytogen

Hello ASPS members, On Wednesday we have our ASPS awardee presentations, see the details below. On Thursday we have the ASPS AGM. ASPS AGM Date: Thursday, October 1. Time: 12-2pm Register in advance for this meeting:
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September 2020 – Phytogen – ASPS Awardees Plantae Presents AGM Thursday 1st October

Welcome, just a small issue to remind you to please join us at the end of September; Wednesday 30th September, for a special edition of Plantae Presents, featuring four Australian Society of Plant Scientists awardees: the joint-winners of the Jan Anderson Award, Crystal Sweetman and K
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August Phytogen – Science week is coming……

National Science Week 2020 is coming……. An event at La Trobe University is “Taste Tomorrow“ What is the taste of tomorrow? The year is 2050 and you have just sat down to your insect burger in a genetically modified plant bun with some seaweed dangling out the s
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June Phytogen edition out now

Hello ASPS members, The June edition of Phytogen is out now and can be accessed HERE. This edition features Using thought experiments to strengthen critical thinking at Universities by Assoc/Prof Hank Greenway. Recent Global Plant Council bulletins can be accessed HERE for May and HER
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