ASPS at Science Meets Parliament

Each year ASPS sends two members to represent ASPS at the STA (Science Technology Australia) Science Meets Parliament event.

Science Meets Parliament web site

Register your interest by sending an e-mail to the ASPS Honourary Secretary  by Feb 1st


Previous attendees include:

Click on name to go to their report.

2016 Hannah Osborn Yong-Ling Ruan
2017 Jayakumar Bose Florian Busch
2018 Janet Wheeler Mike Haydon
2019 Tracey Cuin Ricky Milne
2020 no event due to travel restrictions
2021 Diana Ramirez Garces Joseph Pegler
2022 Megan Sheldon Benjamin Schwessinger
2023 Jenny Mortimer Neeta Lohani
2024 Lim Chee Liew Nijat Imin